In the spring of 2011, my wife and I packed up and moved to Ljubljana for five months.  We had three kids under the age of four, we knew no one in Slovenia, and we weren’t even sure where we were going to live when we got there.  People thought we were crazy.  We thought we were crazy.

But it turned out to be a beautiful experience, and we grew more in those five months than we could have ever imagined.  Like Wilber in the book, we ended up staying in a fairytale apartment in old town just below the castle, with a parquet floor and spiral staircase.  And while we had to haul groceries and diapers and strollers up five flights of stairs day in and day out, our lasting memories are of ice cream cones in Prešeren Square and the open air market on the river and all of the wonderful people we met.

Here in the States, we live in North Country, where we cheer on our kids as they dream and explore and grow, and we do our best to dream and explore and grow alongside them.  If you would like to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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