“When you tell people you’re going, they’re not going to have any idea what country you’re talking about. Maybe that’s part of its allure, that it’s sort of unknown... but it is a truly magical place.”  - Dr. Bob, Painted Hives

In our experience, Dr. Bob is right: Slovenia is a truly magical place, and its natural beauty is tough to beat.  It has alpine mountains, coastal villages, Tuscan vineyards, glacial lakes, limestone caves, and a sleepy capital city with cobblestone streets and a castle high up on a hill. You can whitewater-raft on the Soča River, spend the night in a tree house in Logarska Dolina, milk cows with the herders on Velika Planina, and help the Kurents chase away winter in Ptuj. But if you go, be careful… you may not want to come back!  :)

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